You embark on the preparation of a marathon, but where will you finish? New York, London, Berlin, the Valais, each has its own unique beauty.


An overload of conditions

The miles pass beneath your brand new shoes, and you are super motivated. Then foot pain takes hold as the marathon approaches. You continue a bit but the pain does not pass. The pain gets stronger. The physician you see diagnoses a fracture. He suggests wearing ODAP shoes. Okay, admittedly, these are not the most stylish shoes, but they are hard to beat in terms of discharge for the forefoot.

Running is freedom, but nothing like the freedom of jumping in the air. But then behind the ankle, you start to feel a shooting pain. No doubt, your Achilles tendon reminds you that there is a weak point not unlike the hero he is named after. Your physician tells you of Achilles tendinopathy, the technical term for tendonitis. He will suggest the famous silicone heel. Although they are very effective in relieving pain, it may be necessary to use more effective measures. The Night Brace or the Royal Night Brace, as the names imply, are worn at night and allow a gradual stretching of the tendon, which reduces the pressure on the tendon attachment during the day.

In another instance you slowly, gradually, and stealthily notice pain under your heel. You’re unable to get up on the right foot, for as soon as you land on the heel you suffer in pain. After a visit to the physician and plantar necrotising (or plantar fasciitis) is mentioned. You answer that you know of a very comfortable and effective silicone heel that can ease your step that you can combine with some stretching exercises that the physician has recommended. If the heel is not enough, the Night Brace or Royal Night Brace, will do for the Achilles tendon just as their names suggest (see above), stretching the posterior chain overnight for the best comfort in the morning.


With your big toe sitting closer to the others, it forms a ball at its base, and it starts to hurt. Depending on the evolution and the age of the deformation, it is possible that surgical treatment of the Hallux Valgus is proposed. Again, here the DARCO shoe will ease your approach, and allow for the rehabilitation of the surgery. It is valid for any type of foot surgery.

Desperate times means desperate measures!? Not a chance if you have a fracture or have undergone surgery on the hindfoot or Achilles tendon. If your physician agrees, he will offer a walking boot as an alternative to plaster, he knows that this model is lightweight and easy to implement. As an alternative, you also have the possibility to use the AFTR DC model for stabilization of the foot after surgery.

And as for all joint pain, cold is the ideal partner whether in the case of injury, tendonitis or surgery. The Cold pack bandage is more than useful in all faults listed above, plus more!