It rains, it’s wet, it’s also snowing outside and everything becomes very slippery. A fall is not far away and unfortunately you can not catch up. With a severe pain in the wrist, a sprain, you meet your physician. Without hesitation he offers to support the wrist with a Wrist Splint. Thanks to this system, the bones and ligaments of the wrist are protected, and healing does not take long!

You have what feel like ants at the tip of your fingers, as well as a diffused pain in the front of the wrist, by morning your wrist and fingers are numb. Your physician may tell you about carpal tunnel syndrome. No doubt you will be proposed a Wrist Splint that will support the work of your median nerve (responsible for the syndrome) and relieve your pain.



You hit the ski slopes, fall heavily and feel a pain at the base of the thumb. A consultation with a physician will likely reveal skier's thumb (a simple diagnosis). Your physician will then likely propose the Thumb Spica to relieve injured ligaments and promote healing.