Plain and simple, the most commonly affected joint in sports-related injuries. The knee often presents with traumatic injury to the ligaments, the main ones being the anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament.  

Sprains, dislocations and prosthesis  

For the anterior cruciate ligament, and in cases of recent injury or surgery, many physicians recommend the use of a type of hinged brace such as the Long Bracewear which gives you the ability to adjust its range of motion. After surgery, the reconstruction of the ligament is better protected thanks to the long brace, and the surgeon can decide the angle of movement allowed.  

This splint can also be very useful in the event of a total knee replacement and also in the case of a dislocation of the patella. In dislocations of the patella, and depending on the period of time that has elapsed since the accident, the setting of the amplitudes can be modified very simply to follow the progression of the patella’s healing. Your physician can advise you in more detail about this.  

In the event of milder sprains, for example the attainment of the inner or medial collateral ligament, then a knee brace such as the Hinged Knee Skin should suffice. It allows you to resume walking with less pain after a recent infraction thanks to its lateral reinforcements, and can even secure a return to sport after the ligament has healed.   Anterior knee pain  When you start to think that you could in fact be twice your age, you hurt your knee heading down the stairs, or on a bike, or you feel it after you’ve been sitting down for a long period of time, do not panic, instead go and see your physician! He or she will surely inform you about patella syndrome and will certainly offer you the Visco Knee Skin brace, the only splint able to keep the patella in the desired position of traction, relieving the pain on the front of the knee and rejuvenating you at the same time.  

If you compete or play in a sport with jumps like basketball or volleyball, you may also have pain on the front of the knee, below the kneecap. Your physician will certainly speak with you about patellar tendonitis or Jumper's knee. If you are still in a period of growth, your physician may mention Osgood-Schlatter disease. The Q-Baby support bandage can bring relief to the patellar tendon and allow you to reduce your pain, and if agreed upon with your physician, allow you to pursue again your sporting activities.

Degenerative damage  

Without traumatic injury or surgery, or with years of surgery to the meniscus or anterior cruciate ligament for example, you could have widespread pain in your joints, particularly in the knee. Your physician may talk to you about arthritis or degenerative disorders. Our range of food supplements of marine origin such as Flex MAXX act as a sort of fertilizer for your joints. It does not promote regeneration, but strengthens its cartilaginous structure.  

As with all joint pain, cold is the ideal partner in the case of accidents or aging of the joint. The Cold pack bandage is useful for all of the faults listed above, and many more. Along with the universal Visco Knee Skin brace, whether your knee is traumatized or simply in pain you will be able resume your favorite activities. Just be sure to take it at your own pace!