A hard joint, movable in all directions, 360 degrees when everything goes well. But then the trouble starts - placing the parking ticket, changing into shirts, luggage on a plane, placing objects in an overhead cabinet.

 After a period of rehabilitation has passed, and without success, the consulting physician may offer to repair the shoulder rotator cuff tendons. Post-operatively he will set the shoulder by way of a shoulder comfort, into a pattern as comfortable as its name indicates. With the surgeon setting the shoulder in the desired position, and after allowing time for healing, the surgeon will have you in your car with a smile or putting on your shirts in no time.


Once the hard times have past, or in the aftermath of the surgery, the advantage of cold healing is more apparent. And with the cold pack bandage, you can be walking around without worrying if it will fall down. With its simple attachment, it stands alone and allows your arms to be free to perform your daily tasks. It's that easy!