A precision sport although its true origins remain anything but precisely known, it is practiced in the open air to the delight of many fans who greatly appreciate walking in such beautiful scenery along with the pleasure of the games and meetings that are played out there.


With such precise movements, and the work needed to achieve the perfect swing, this makes it the ideal sport to develop so-called tendon pathology overload and sometimes, pain in the lower back. Accident-related problems are rare, except for in cases when a lack of precision is seen from some players who end up sending their ball directly towards their opponents or the group in front.


Who has never heard of golfer’s epicondylitis (except those who don’t play), also known as golfer's elbow? This is an inflammation of the attachment of the epicondylian muscles on the inside of the elbow. The physcian that you have consulted will probably say that it is not only golfers who may be prone to this problem, but also tennis fans who also show inflammation of the outer part of the elbow. In any case your physician will unlikely fail to recommend the Tennis Elbow Band with silicone pads. This support bandage will bring you the relief you are looking for in your everyday activities. Your physician will also likely inform you that this product may not be effective for everyone, but nothing ventured nothing gained!

The Achilles tendon

Walking on the green, it can sometimes be that some golfers have Achilles tendon pain, a pain in the morning, that in the first steps makes them fear a difficult journey lies ahead. Once your physician has been consulted, tendinopathy (fancy name for tendinitis) maybe be suggested, and it may be necessary to prescribe the comfortable silicone Heels, which will ease the work of the Achilles tendon. In addition to the prescribed treatment, the heel is the perfect companion for walking. Discrete, it fits all models of shoes. And at a height of 0.5 cm, gives you a little height for better visibility down along the greens.

Lower back

From a certain age, and even if you have a near-perfect swing, you can have pain in the lower back that will make your 18 holes much longer and more difficult than you could imagine. As always, once a physician has been consulted who will able to determine and overcome any major potential problems, you'll turn to the Back Skin bandage. Discreet and easy to implement, it will bring your spine and muscles the necessary support for daily comfort. And in addition it might just help with your posture!

Diffuse pain

People of all ages complain of diffuse joint pain of the knees or hands for example. Scientific studies have shown, that certain supplements can provide relief to joints acting as vitamins for the cartilage. In our range of supplements, Flex MAXX combines the action of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate, both of marine origin, to provide relief to your joints and can even reduce the intake of daily anti-inflammatory use. Why not give it a try?

After injury

And like any traumatic event or in case of joint pain, cold pack bandages can be used to give comfort to your aching joints after an accident (shock, sprains) or in the case of tendonitis, for example. With its easy application, ease of use, and a unique gel that does not harden even when frozen, it allows for an optimal application to the injured joint. The cold action relieves pain and allows for better mobilization of the joint.

And if with all our advice and tips your handicap does not improve, why not take up bowling, but that's another story!