Needless to say, running harks back to an ancient time, there is even a city which has been named after long-distance running, Marathon. Unless of course, it is the race that bears the name of the city... Legend says that a messenger traveled a distance of 42 kilometers to announce the victory of his army to his fellow citizens. For now, we will have to come back to what happened to this famous messenger.


Running is a sport par excellence, practiced anywhere, at any time, and sometimes any which way you want. It is also exemplary of a sport responsible for a number of injuries some of which can be traumatic.

Along the paths of glory, it may happen that some runners, after 30 years, have Achilles tendon pain, pain that makes for a painful exit first thing in the morning. Once the attending physician has made a diagnosis of tendinitis, it may be necessary to prescribe a comfortable silicone Heel that will ease the work of the Achilles tendon when running or walking in the day. In addition to the prescribed treatment, they are the perfect companion for racing. Discrete, they adapt to all styles of footwear, and with a height of 0.5 cm, they will also give you a little height for better visibility on the road. Although they are very effective in relieving pain, it may be necessary to take stronger action. The Night Splint or Royal Night Splint, as the name suggests, opens the door to allow gradual stretching of the tendon by night, which reduces the pressure on the tendons throughout the day.

It can also happen that as your course changes, particularly as you run up hills or at a different gradient, that you start to feel more pain on the front of the knee. After consulting with your physician, you could be diagnosed with patella syndrome. Most likely your physician will prescribe you the Visco bandage, the only dynamic stabilizer bandage for the patella, which provides support for anterior knee pain. It works just thinking about it!

Too much effort and now the foot hurts. After a visit, your physician my diagnose that a stress fracture has been made. No worries, with the ODAP shoe your forefoot will be relieved if the fracture is localized in this area, thanks to the support provided to the back foot. Easy to implement, its design will however not compete with summer’s most fashionable shoes. Certainly a blessing in disguise. At the same time, the addition of a silicone heel on the other side can partially limit any imbalance in your step.

An out of place root, a misplaced pebble, or an irregular pathway can have your ankle slipping.  Once your physician is consulted, and in an acute situation, it may be necessary to use an Air Cast to ensure security and stability of the ankle. Once cured, and the situation of residual pain or a feeling of lack of stability remains, the Trilok ankle support is what you need. Easy to set up, it fits perfectly into any sport shoes, and with your laces and its adjustable bands you can adjust the tension that’s right for you. Like most support bandages it can also be useful in any return to sport, especially on irregular trails.

In case of chronic instability, your physician or physical therapist can recommend the use of tape. The choice in our range has been simplified. We decided to offer only the most popular products, and especially those which have already shown efficacy in the world of sport. It is much easier this way!

And like any injury event or joint pain, the cold pack bandage can give comfort to your aching joints after an accident (shock, sprains) or in the case of tendonitis for example. Its easy application, ease of use, and the originality of its gel that does not harden in the freezer offers optimal application to the injured joint. The cold action also relieves pain and allows for better mobilization of the joint.

We wish you many hours of safe running, because despite the legend of the Greek messenger, running is a real pleasure!