Who has never twisted a knee or ankle? Your ligaments are severely tested during the sprain and whether slight, partial or complete, they will always present a tear. Indeed, the sprain causes damage to ligaments in 100% of cases. The injury may be mild or severe, but it is a consultation with a physician that will determine this and inform you on the amount of time you’ll need to rest before resuming sporting activity. Depending on the joint affected, your physician will suggest a brace that adapts specifically to your diagnosis. As with all common joint problems, we have selected the most suitable products for healing and recovery no matter what your favorite sport.


We tak about it all the time, we hear it on the bus, on the sports fields, in waiting rooms, at the supermarket, the doctor, the restaurant, ... Who has never suffered from tendinitis or heard of someone who has suffered from it? Avoid the debate on what is the root cause of tendonitis; the presence or absence of inflammatory cells, or the microscopic appearance of cells on the tendon, and simply ask your physician.

The tendon is located at each end of your muscles, it attaches to the joint and through its action you are able to move your knee or shoulder, for example. Tendinitis and the pain it causes can limit the mobility of the joint and should be avoided, unless otherwise directed by your physician of course. That said, we decided to offer a few items that would make your life more enjoyable, and why not improve and sustain mobility of your tendons and therefore your joints.


This is not a scoop, in fact the cold is an integral part of any treatment related to sprains and tendonitis. By regularly repeating its application, the cold reduces and prevents the spread of tissue swelling. After consulting your physician, apply cold as often as possible. Our cold pack bandage brings comfort to your ligaments or affected tendons. Its easy application, ease of use, and the originality of its gel that does not harden even in a frozen state, allows optimal application on the affected area. This bandage will soothe the pain and thus allow better mobilization of the joint.


The tape


Very fashionable in sports circles, adhesive tape or tape play a key role in supporting tendons and joints. Whether in case of tendonitis or sprains, applying tape can relieve the affected joint or facilitate the work of the diseased tendon. Our range of tapes represent the bulk of your needs. We have selected the most used tapes in the world of sport to simplify your choice if you do not know which to choose. You only need to talk to your physician or physical therapist to learn how to implement them.



Some tendonitis can be caused by joint disturbances that may be related to osteoarthritis, for example. Some sprains can also cause degenerative joint damage over time.

That's why we've thought of everything. In the case of joint problems, scientific studies have shown that in parallel, certain supplements can provide relief to joints acting as vitamins for the cartilage. In our range of supplements, Flex MAXX, which combines the action of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate, both of marine origin, will bring relief to your joints that will in some cases reduce your daily intake of anti-inflammatory drugs. Of course this is not be effective for everyone, but why not try it for 2-4 months?


Your knee or ankle have just twisted. For more details about the severity of the injury or for suitable support, you can refer to the relevant section of our site. With regard to the resumption of sport, for the knee, we recommend our Short Bracewear brace. Thanks to its lateral reinforcements, and its very simple application, it will restore your confidence back on the field. For the ankle, the Trilok can be useful. It supports freshly torn ligaments, it fits almost any sport or walking shoe and allows you to return to work with more confidence (Standard Ankle Skin brace).


Whether it is tendinitis in the knee such as the patellar tendon (Jumper's knee), elbow or Achilles tendon, we have the products you need. For the knee, we recommend the Patellavator knee bandage to support the tendon in the critical phase of jumping and landing. For the elbow, the EpiGel bandage, which allows you to resume tennis, golf or even to your pots and pans in the kitchen. At the ankle, with tendonitis of the posterior tibias or peroneal, Trilok with its adjustable band assures support of your sore tendons. For the foot, especially the Achilles tendon, you have more choice. Our especially comfortable silicone heels, fit almost all shoes and relieve the work of the tendon when walking or running. And if the pain is still strong at night, the Night Brace or Royal Night Brace, as the name suggests, allow a gradual stretching of the tendon at night, which reduces the pressure on the attachments during the day. By including stretching exercises recommended by your physician or physical therapist, you gain a greater chance of making a recovery.

You will have noticed that whether for sprains, tendonitis, or any other problem, our range of products will satisfy everyone, even those those having a difficult time finding specialized items they need elsewhere.