Frequently twisted in sport, the many ankle ligaments are subjected to demanding conditions on impact. It is necessary to make a distinction between ligament damage to the bone and the Achilles tendon.


You’re running around town or on the trail, when a poorly placed root creeps under your shoe. When the foot and / or the ankle makes a twisting motion it is called a sprain.

A sprain always results in ligament damage, very often on the outside of the ankle. The condition can be mild or severe. With a visit to a physician, and if the sprain is mild you may be offered a brace such as the Trilok. If the sprain is more severe, or even after surgery, you could benefit from an AFTR DC brace with higher compression. These braces make it possible to rest the joint, maintain walking and all with a minimum of pain and reduction in swelling.

In cases of severe sprains, your physician will instead advise you to use a walking boot, which allows for reduced mobility and good ankle support to limit the progression of swelling. Easier to carry than a plaster cast, and if your physician permits, it’s a lot easier to shower when you can simply remove the splint. In all cases seek the advice of your physician.

Subsequent pain and tendinitis

If you suffer from pain behind the ankle while walking, or after sport, or if you have noticed that the Achilles tendon is larger and it hurts when you press the ball that has formed, it may be that you are suffering from a form of Achilles tendonitis. The physician that you have consulted can advise you to use the silicon heel pad that will ease the work of the calf and tendon and make everyday life easier. These heel pads can also be useful in the case of tendonitis if you wear shoes with hard soles for work for example. And as an added bonus, with the heel’s thickness of 0.5cm, you grow a little in height, which is never a bad thing!

If you’ve just changed shoes, you pick up a sport after a long period of rest or you have a tendency to have flat feet, you may notice the onset of pain on the inner or outer side of the ankle. It may even be that the region will appear inflamed. The physician you consult will be able to talk to you about tendinitis of the posterior tibias or peroneus. In this case the Trilok brace with its adjustable bands will provide support for your aching tendons.


On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, a game of tennis begins. Your opponent is tough, and comfortable behind the net as you jump to reach for the ball. All of a sudden you feel a pain in the calf or Achilles tendon. There is a risk of tearing the calf (also called "tennis leg") or partial lesion of the Achilles tendon. Again it is the silicone heel or, depending on the severity of the injury, a walking boot that will be your friend at the time.

Resumption of sport, diffusing the pain

Once you’re past all the troubles such as, annoying sprains, tree root attacks or rocks poorly placed under the shoe, your ankle should be on the mend. You resume your sports and while you still have a little discomfort on the outside of the ankle, you gain more and more confidence. Why not enlist the help of the Standard Ankle Skin, which will restore a sense of security and help reduce pain when walking or when you resume your sport. And if that idea bothers you, we can also suggest a little tape and it's gone. It’s not going to be easy to find excuses with what we have to offer you!

And as for all joint pain, do not forget that cold is the ideal partner for accidents or tendonitis. With this in mind, use our Cold pack bandage often, to relieve your ankle after exercise.