Who has never wanted to be like Roger or Andy? You're on the court, racquet in hand, and the services are linked. From one week to the next you have a sore elbow, and you do not know why. A quick look on the net and you can imagine epicondylitis (tennis elbow), you run to a physician for confirmation. And after examination, the physician reassures you, your impression was correct. He then offers the Tennis Elbow Band, with its silicone pad to rest your epicondyle muscles and help to relieve and relax the work of the inflamed tendons. With a smile the consultation is completed. A few stretching exercises and you are back to take revenge on the court.

You're ready to jump on the green like Tiger. You hit the slopes without a cart, your swing is impressive, but you know that your elbow will not allow you to shine easily. The physician you’ve consulted has diagnosed you with medial epicondylitis (golfer's elbow), inflammation at the attachment of the muscle to the elbow. You will be surprised at the effectiveness of the Tennis Elbow Band on elbow pain. And before you know it, and with the consent of your physician, you're roaring again on the green and lowering your handicap.

Diffuse joint pain, degenerative disorders

You have had pain in the elbow for a long time, or you have come back from injury or even after surgery, and you feel the need to support yourself in these difficult times. Our Tennis Elbow Skin brace with its silicone compression and elastic strap allows you to continue your activities with a minimum of pain.

After a hard day on a course that was longer than expected, the elbow is still a little sore. Nothing like a good refreshment after exercise. Under the jealous gaze of your partner, you order a cold bandage pack (which you’ve kept cool at the bar). This bandage fits perfectly to the curvature of the elbow or any other joints elsewhere. Now is the time to soothe your sore tissues as the cool, non-hardening gel, provides immediate relief of the region concerned. Enjoy without restraint!