Breacewear Longue

Breacewear Longue


  • Couple with hinged brace for precise control of flexing and extending
  • Sever sprains, fractures, dislocations of the patella and knee rehabilitation
  • Comfortable material leaves the skin to breathe
  • Front closure for easy placement
  • Optimal for after surgery support and protection (cruciate ligament prostheses, fractures, ...)

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CHF 420,00 tax incl.

Hinged brace for universal support, adjustable every 15 degrees, side reinforcements, effective in any type of moderate to severe ligament damage in the knee.

Very comfortable, allowing the skin to breathe, its front closure system facilitates its easy implementation.

It provides fast and effective relief in case of moderate to severe sprain, and in the case of surgery. Thanks to its control system, it is suitable for both acute trauma (by blocking the hinge), chronic conditions or operation (adjustable angle according to medical advice).

In the case of a dislocation of the patella, it offers ideal comfort in replacement of a rigid brace and can adapt the limitation of mobility according to healing evolution.

Indications for treatment:

Severe traumatic ligament injury, chronic instability of the knee, recovery after injury, surgery (total hip prosthesis, cruciate ligaments, dislocation of the patella, fractures...).

  • Available as a single piece, suitable for both the right and left side

Measuring the circumference of the leg. Measurement point located 15 cm above the center of the patella.

X-Small    30.5 - 38.0 cm

Small        38.0 - 45.5 cm

Medium    45.5 - 53.0 cm

Large        53.0 - 61.0 cm

X-Large     61.0 - 80.5 cm

XX-Large   80.5 - 75.0 cm

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