Night Splint DE ROYAL

Night Splint DE ROYAL


  • Brace to support stretching the subsequent chains of the calf and the foot
  •  Suitable for heel pain (Achilles tendon, plantar fascia) as well as post-surgery of the calf, heel and foot region.
  •  Non-slip sole.
  • Specifically recommended by physicians for calf and Achilles tendon surgery.

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CHF 126,00 tax incl.

This is the most used orthosis support after calf, heel or foot surgery.

Easy implementation allows for bandages while still facilitating ventilation of the calf.

Its non-slip outsole provides safety and comfort at home while walking on slippery surfaces.

To be worn according to the surgeon's opinion including during the night.

For optimum efficiency, should be combined with cold therapy such as the "Trainer’s pick" ice pack.


Indications for treatment:

Calf, heel or foot surgery.

Small 36-39
Medium 40-43
Large 43+

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