Tennis Elbow Band

Tennis Elbow Band


  • Optimal absorption of forearm tension
  •  Adaptable medical silicone pad
  •  Provides pain relief in cases of tendinopathy of the elbow
  •  Relief in the event of a resumption of sporting activities (tennis, golf, ...)
  •  100% Neoprene & Latex free

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CHF 58,50 tax incl.

Universal bandage elbow support.

Very comfortable, it features a hypoallergenic medical silicone pad for optimal application of the muscles responsible for medial and lateral epicondylitis. Through this, it supports and relieves tension on the muscles.

Unlike Tennis Elbow Skin, it offers support primarily to the muscles of the forearm that are responsible for tendonitis of the elbow.


Indications for treatment:

Medial or lateral epicondylitis.

Tennis Elbow Skin

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