Calf skin

Calf skin


  • Ideal for calf pain
  • Suitable for both chronic conditions and acute trauma
  • Comfortable and flexible, non-slip
  • Suitable for both upper limbs and the lower limbs
  • Latex free

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CHF 39,00 tax incl.

Compression bandaging for all circumstances of an effected calf, whether in the case of sports-related pain, cramps or calf and Achilles tendon injuries.

Thanks to its perfectly adaptable elastic material, this bandage brings tension to the calf, which reduces sports related swelling and the overloading of pain in the leg (for example the shin...).

Used after sports, Calf Skin allows faster recovery and better drainage of any lactic acid produced. Used during sport, it allows for improved return of the veins, which contributes to a feeling of lightness and flexibility throughout the calves. Used in the upper limbs, it reduces tensions generated by sustained activities such as the bike, rowing, fitness ...

In the case of muscle tears, such as the medial gastrocnemius (tennis leg), this bandage helps maintain tissue compression which limits the spread of the hematoma and relieves pain.

Indications for treatment:

Cramps, shin splints (periostitis), heaviness in the legs, post-exercise recovery, muscle tears (medial gastrocnemius), Achilles tendinopathies.

  • Available as a single piece, suitable for both the right and left side
  • Also suitable for upper limbs

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