Visco Knee Skin

Visco Knee Skin


  • Universal knee support bandage
  • Suitable for all kinds of joint pain
  • Relieves previous knee pain
  • Comfortable and concealed for discreet daily wear without embarrassment
  • 100% Neoprene & Latex free

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CHF 94,50 tax incl.

Visco Knee Skin is a universal knee support bandage, suitable for all kinds of joint pain, ranging from degenerative disorders to pains from a return to sport, post-injury or even after arthroscopic surgery.

Thanks to its gel stabilizer, it promotes a local massage to the area around the kneecap, which reduces previous pain and reduces anterior effusions. Used after arthroscopic surgery, it reduces pain by providing compression of the operating holes and providing proprioceptive support of the joint.

In case of pain caused by a degenerative damage, this product provides a sense of security when feeling weak or when suffering from knee pain associated with walking.

Contrary to popular belief, regular use of this product does not cause weakness of the muscles.

Indications for treatment:

Previous knee pain, arthritis, arthroscopy, minor sprains, effusions, meniscal pain.

  • Available as a single piece, suitable for both the right and left side.

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