Back Skin

Back Skin


  • Discreet and comfortable lumbar support
  • Supports the lower lumbar spine in cases of acute or chronic pain, or even sciatica.
  • 100% neoprene material (latex free)
  • Flexible attachment system for better support and mobility

More details

CHF 265,00 tax incl.

Universal bandage providing ideal lumbar support in acute or chronic cases (lumbago, herniated disc, arthritis, sciatica, ...).

Very comfortable, easy to implement, the Back Skin offers quick relief from pain by supporting the work of the lumbar muscles. Through this action, it helps to improve posture without replacing the active work of your muscles.

After discussion with your doctor, use the Back Skin primarily for prolonged sitting or standing to allow you to reduce the use of anti-inflammatory drugs.

Finally, in cases of degenerative disorders (arthritis, discopathies ...), why not try our range of food supplements? Flex MAXX can also reduce the use of anti-inflammatory if your physician allows it.


Indications for treatment:

Back pain, acute low back pain, chronic back pain, discopathy, herniated discs, sciatica, osteoarthritis, post-back surgery.

  • Can also be used in case of back problems during long car trips or on aircraft.
  • Available as a single piece, refer to size chart for sizing

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