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Founded in 1990, Sporthomed has continued to grow under the leadership of a close collaboration between physicians, hospitals, therapists, coaches and athletes.

We have built our reputation by cultivating an ongoing dialogue with health professionals to identify the best products in orthopedics, sports-medicine, physiotherapy, as well as in the field of nutrition. We have the ability to innovate and constantly refresh ourselves in line with technological developments, which allows us to offer cutting-edge products. These are tested in centers of excellence in sports medicine and orthopedics as well as  by our elite athletes, professional or amateur. Our goal is to increase performance while improving human function. At the heart of our business is the optimization of the body's physiological capacities in order to continue to perform physical activity for as long as possible.

It is in this context that we choose the products we offer and a range that continues to evolve in response to new trends in the world of exercise and movement.

Sporthomed, keep moving!